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Why Energy?

Energy efficient homes the real story

As a humans our energy use has had a huge impact on our lives, our budget, and our planet.  Lets understand what we can easily change to take back control of our energy use and bring our bills down

With the continuing rising power bills perhaps we could take advantage of our sunny climate and a smart home to reduce our power bills.  Energy efficient homes are possible.

What does a zero energy house mean?  Operationally this house generates and stores more power than you actually consume across a full year.

The house of tomorrow is available today.  The home automation can manage your power consumption and reduce your power bill by learning from your behaviour.

If the street looses power you keep an essential supply via the red power points.

This is the future of battery technology. 8th generation and well in advance of the common solutions in the market.

With the dry tropic climate we live in doesn’t is just make sense to capture the free energy from the sun to heat our hot water.  If it were also an Australian company, Australian design and best performance system why wouldn’t we do it.

A world first indoor air system that also uses a lot less energy than we are used to. Half of your energy bill is typically spent in Air-Conditioning in the tropics.

So indoor air quality can be significantly improved with some fresh air circulation.  The advantage of these efficient fans is that they also consume much less energy that the typical product used.

CRCLCL PhD student Christine Eon discusses how she immersed herself in 10 Australian households to understand what makes a home sustainable and energy efficient.

Helpful understanding of the numbers around batteries and what is meant….

These guys are Australian designed and Australian owned producing world leading performance for hot water systems.