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Why Health?

Healthy homes Australia

As humans we spend a nearly 80% of our time inside built spaces. We need to think about the spaces we are in and how healthy they really are. What are those spaces built with? How safe are the materials in your indoor environment and what exactly are they made of.

Healthy and purified indoor air is available now.  Assisting to reduce the risks of migraine, asthma or allergies for your loved ones.

Hear from a local family about their healthy home grown food experience.

A healthy lifestyle deserves a healthy home to compliment that great work you are doing.

There is some startling research around indoor environment quality. You could do more to understand these impacts on your family.

Anne Steinemann is Professor of Civil Engineering, and Chair of Sustainable Cities, at the University of Melbourne, Australia; and Adjunct Professor of Science and Engineering at James Cook University.  Her full professional profile is available here.