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Why Products?

The latest building products available

The products used to build homes are constantly being developed. You should have access to the best available for your budget.

Are you tired of seeing the same old options?

Why not investigate a home where all the options have been rigorously challenged to find a best practice response.

Have you ever wondered where your home materials and products actually come from.  What are those impacts on you, your community and the planet?

So we all like a good menu to choose from.  What would a good menu look like for housing products?

Are you considering the simple choices available to reduce the heat in your tropical housing?  Here are some easily achieved steps.

Why not consider improving your temperature, noise, comfort and security with some better glazing choices.  All windows are not created equal.

Dr Wendy Miller has been an invaluable asset to our consideration of product and design knowledge.  Some of her published articles are available here

A good story here around the options available for treatment of timber to prevent Termite attack.

Daniel Wood from Holcim concrete discussing the advantages of reducing the reliance of cement powder.

The traditional Queenslander look.  This installation guide helps to dispel any of those myths that it is any more complex or requires a specialist trade.